Friday healing rich-poor House vegetables

Vegetable sweet potato is the rustic vegetables previously only reserved for the poor House. Today, they have "discovered" that this vegetable is also delicious things and have many adverse effects to health.

Cooling, detoxification

Vegetable sweet potato work effective in cooling, cooling the body. In particular, this vegetable is rich in chlorophyll helps clean the blood, removing toxins in the body.

Against the oxidation in the body

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In vegetable sweet potato contains a unique protein has the ability to resist the significant oxidation. This protein has about 1/3 active against oxidized glutathione-one of the important role in generating the antioxidant in the body.

Helps prevent diabetes

Spinach leaves have reduced blood glucose. You should not use root vegetables, because tubers contain much starch. Gemma red spinach contains a substance much like insulin, in the old leaves have no substance.

Therefore, people with diabetes can use Gemma vegetable sweet potato plants to eat the young leaves.

Help to prevent constipation

Spinach has a sweet, cool, thanks to contain more fiber should help a good laxative. Spinach leaves also contain plastic Eraser approximately 1.95%-1.97% should have the effect of preventing the disease, school leap constipation.

Help prevent obesity

Simple you just need to eat mashed potatoes and steamed veggies or eat rice 1/2 mode, 1/2 sweet potatoes separately, or padded together cooking rice, congee, bread ... will help to effectively lose weight.

Note When using vegetable sweet potato as food:

-When eating vegetables sweet potatoes should be eaten with meat animals to vegetative balance.

-Don't eat too much sweet potato and vegetables too often by this vegetable contains more calcium easily cause kidney stones.
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-Do not eat sweet potatoes at the hungry because it will cause the blood sugar level in the body drops down lower.

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