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Pampered offspring or to "trench owed" many parents are using smart phones and television as an example of fresh stuff. Consequences of the misuse of money labels on children has led many TIC co facial syndrome, saccades, distorted mouth ... 
Adults harm children 

Recently Facebook profile of a young mother Phan Hong Th. living in Kien Giang has attracted a lot of visitors Rola Takizawa by the warning information that parents "startling". Young mother shared, she gave her son SB (4 years old) phone and TV watching for many years when the "stirring" so they do not bother yourself and others. 

Numerous children were Syndrome TIC to resort to the assistance of doctors specialized 
series TIC Syndrome children were to resort to the support professional doctors
Recently, he has abnormal expression as winking continually, often furrowed nose, facial shock while watching television or telephone. "At first I thought the joke so I la dai, even hit me for fear of a bad habit hard to quit. But as is the expression that scolded her worse. " Take me to the hospital examination, the young mother had regretted when the doctor said the baby was due TIC Syndrome often stressed from watching the phone, too much TV.

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Expanding learn information on the syndrome, the consequences for the young players to accept pay phone, watching TV is a doctor recognized more and more. Infection science alone - Neurology, Children's Hospital No. 1, HCMC Per Day reception from 5 to 7 cases of TIC involving Syndrome. No detailed statistics, but doctors insisted in recent years, a series of children with this syndrome have professional intervention. 

The most typical case is the girl BTH (10 years old) are congenital myopia, about 3 months the parents also noted irregularities such as snatching baby's eyes, though has done many ways but not all shock. Doctor eye exam is not recognized related diseases, while at the Children's Hospital test, new baby or parents of children with tic syndrome due to "abuse" the phone by its own indifference.

To "detox" even for children 

Analysis expertise of Dr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, science Infection - Neurological Hospital 1 shows: Syndrome TIC is a disorder of function, manifested as muscle jerks but young uncontrollable. If convulsions pathological muscle mass is the full participation, in Syndrome TIC twitch only one muscle group, as the eyes, mouth muscles, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles engaged.

TIC no genetic syndrome, does not endanger patients. Children from 4-10 years of age are usually susceptible, the rate in boys than girls. This syndrome is classified into 3 groups include: movement, sound, or mixture of sound and movement. A few cases of TIC involving entities as children with conjunctivitis, sinusitis, facial nerve pain due to injury or meninges (meningioma). To avoid omission disease, doctor of ENT, oral and maxillofacial ... should visit, eliminating vulnerability. 
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Dr. Quang Vinh warned parents not to give children watch television, phone too much 
BS Quang Vinh warned parents not to give children watch television, too much phone
TIC syndrome onset are more relevant to the tension. Therefore, parents or teachers if you do not know about this syndrome will think the child is trying to "aggression" led to the prompt, deterrence even spanking children. How to handle not only did not bring on effects but also cause them more stress, expression of the syndrome is increasing.

TIC increasingly syndrome in infants appears more "addicted" to watch TV, play smart. According to Dr. Quang Vinh, smartphones usually have a small screen, when playing games or watching cartoons, the eyes of the child must regulate the transition, eyeballs dangling constantly, the eyes, the face, neck, shoulder activities ceaselessly leads to muscle fatigue. The frequency of the image displayed on the screen resonate with brain activity can cause the onset or recurrence of TIC's syndrome in children.

There has been no study has shown the dangers of the syndrome to the lives of young TIC, but if not treated early, the muscle condition, startled eyes, mouth constantly becomes bad habits in children. With TIC Syndrome patients suffer severe, doctors will be forced to use the tranquilizer, treatment with medication if prolonged can lead to nerve inhibition affects the brain.

To avoid the risk of TIC child syndrome, the doctor recommends community should not put children in environments create tension as play games, watch movies or television on your phone too much. These children unfortunately this syndrome, parents must immediately take measures to "detox" television, telephone for children. Parents, teachers must be limited to the maximum all the other related stress can affect children, to give children friendly living environment, close to nature.

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