Mother to pick the child was Jav HD abandoned in the from D: "I won't lose you"

I think a lot, I found myself wrong, I'm lost, can not find".
You know, for more, I will work hard to earn money to support a child, let them have a good life. interracial Porn In particular, are you going to send a small bin to kindergarten to learn, just like any other child.

"I will never lose you. I promise from now will take better care of. I thank you and I together Fang and reporters to help me for a long time." I said.
Xiaobin say goodbye to you in the square, ready to go home
Said the little bin father want to custody for me. Or you can go visit G., the small bin to play frequently.

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Before that, in July 11th 23, the protection of the small bin from the D in front of hospitals found themselves should report to the local government. Then, the children in the village cadres to fan five old (from Heping Hospital d) let your doctor's care.
In August 9th, information from the ubnd square, Fan Wulao cadres found bin in parents living in the community, Yixing, righteousness, tp.hcm.
Verify that the file after 3 days, today (12 / 8), five old fan Fang to you. Do get son.
On the morning of 12 8 ubnd square Fan Wulao, Q1 building, tp.hcm to complete the identification procedure, documents, make her make the mark (3 years old, 2 years old children should not be like the original information) - the boy was abandoned in the BV from D biological mother is your p.t.n (30 years old, Ca Mau, temporary root zone hometown Ping Ju, tp.hcm).

We get the information, call me pick Taiwan congratulations. I hear the beep, eager to show off their engines, "I answered in the small bin Fang fan five this morning. You go home for a period of time. He got into the alley children play together."
Xiaobin very glad to meet you
When it comes to emotional, see your son after more than a month, "lost", hide you. Unhappy: "I am very glad to see you. At first, he stood watching me sad face, and ran to hug, kiss me, said, "I think you".

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