For another amature sex reason, "her husband's sister."

Hi doctor, she is 27 years old, married for four years and have a 3 year old baby. You're a sensitive issue forward to the following medical advice. 

From the date of childbirth, her husband decides wife Pill to "plan" for do not want a baby right away. After more than 2 years, I'm not taking the Pill again to regain body balance, and prepare more than 1 AV Taiwan year after the baby will add more. After not take medicine, my husband also refused to use condoms but often ejaculate outside psychology "has always elected."

However, I'm not pregnant right up times like I always vigilant, wary. Because this psychological vigilance without once you feel comfortable, even I only want things done quickly. My menses are also no longer with the slow months to 5-6 days make me extremely nervous. Over time, I'm bored "husband and wife thing", many times my husband requires but me because I rejected not interested anymore. 

I'm afraid this situation lasts will affect the relationship of the couple. Doctors advise eager to help you, you should do to get more comfortable. I would like to thank you! (Ngoc Tu) 

BS. Roses advice: 

oral copulation

You dear Ngoc Tu,

External ejaculation is also regarded as one of the contraceptive method and many couples take this approach because it's convenient, no time to prepare or make prior arrangements. However, this contraceptive method is effective is not high, the probability of conception totally can occur because sperm can still be "present" in the fluid of the man before ejaculation. The sperm can swim quickly deep into the uterus, having eggs for conception, so external ejaculation is not considered as contraceptives reliably. 

Add a reason sisters 'bored husbands' 

Besides me, the couples often use measures beyond ejaculation can lead to some unintended harm to both husband and wife. If the husband to wear them heterosexual and neurasthenia, the wife back is more likely to be apathetic. 

Usually, the women reach orgasm more slowly than men. If this time the man suddenly stopped and external ejaculation will make the woman "inadequacy", long easy apathy.

In the case of your spouse, you have some symptoms of apathy, there is no inspiration in "about the couple" wanted "husbands" to finish ... It is the direct consequence followed by continuous ejaculation condition outside of your spouse caused. Also, apply measures to ejaculate outside also cause indirect consequences with you is that you are constantly worried, affecting the hormonal balance of the body and makes the menstrual cycle disorders, causes slow economic ...
to not be affected by the harm caused by contraception by external ejaculation, if you and your spouse maintain regular sex, then you should use a condom to avoid pregnancy is the best. Your spouse should discuss together to find a common voice and sympathize with each other,

One other important thing you need to remember is that before deciding to apply a contraceptive method, you should see a specialist for examination and advice more carefully, avoiding the side effects unfortunately occur . 

Wishing you and your spouse happy, healthy!

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